What piercings do you have/have you had?

I have my eyebrow pierced right now, but before that i’ve had snakebites (bottom lip left and right sides pierced), a nose piercing and my ear pierced. 

What tattoos do you have/do you want?

I have no tattoos cause i’m underage lol. I know i want tattoos though i just haven’t decided what yet haha.

How do you join any clothing familys?

Click on the logos on my blog and follow it through from there :-)

What sexuality are you?

Why does it matter to you?

How many followers do you have?

Doesn’t matter

How many people do you follow?


Who are your favourite blogs?


What does your url mean?

Vigorem is latin for vitality.

Promote me?


Follow me?


Check out my blog? :-)

yeah course just ask

If you have any more questions after this then ask me here

p.s any hate i get will most likely be deleted instantly.